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Uniquely Me Press:

Nominees for the Working Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2001 in March 2001

Winners of the Best Web Site on Long Island in the Living and Travel Category by The Long Island Web Developers Guild in March 2001

Between Us Girls Feature
June Issue
Mode Magazine

June Issue
of the
LA Times

June Issue
The Long Island Business News

July Issue
The Long Island Business News

Feature Story in the new book by Ellen Parlapiano & ParticiaCobe.
Mompreneurs Online
Using the Internet to Build Work @ Home Success.
(pg37 &38)

Featured Demensional Woman on the Plus USA site.

About Us


Susan Barone, Founder & President, UniquelyMe.com:

Susan has been in the Fashion Industry since 1985. She started out in the textiles end of the business, but soon went to the manufacturing end. She worked for top companies like J. G. Hook and Outlander. She was the Sales Manager of Evan Picone Dress, when they were part of Crystal Brands and the Sales Manager of Leslie Fay's Theo Miles Knit Dress Division.

In addition, she took on the challenge of running the Gigi By Gillian better dress division. At Gigi, she was responsible for all aspects of running the division and worked with production, design, merchandising and oversaw sales. After the birth of her first son, she returned to the industry and worked for the Kasper Dress Division. Since she left Kasper, she had a second son and began her journey in her quest for a business opportunity on the Internet.

She spent a year taking a course at the New Horizon Computer School called the Internet Professional, as well as, researched every aspect possible on the Internet in regard to running an Internet business. She has taken her knowledge and experience in the Fashion Industry and combined it with her computer background and training to create a business that will not only cater to the Plus Size Customer, but will help the manufacturers and retailers create more sales and better understand the plus size Internet customer.

Cheryl K. Anderson, Cofounder & Vice-President, UniquelyMe.com:

Cheryl has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Starting her career as a nurse taught her how to quickly identify and respond to the needs of individuals. She rapidly advanced into health care management and has spent the last 15 years in the operational end of the health care business.

She has been directly responsible for financial planning, budget oversight, and personnel management. She considers her strengths problem-solving and team-building. So, what can someone with a health care background bring to the table at UniquelyMe.com -- well Cheryl has been a plus-size customer for all of her adult life. She knows the industry from a consumer's prospective. Cheryl has dedicated her life to serving others and now wants to bring her skills and strengths to meeting the needs of the plus-size customer.

She oversees the all operations and the design aspects to the UniquelyMe.com site. In addition, she oversees the ordering and distribution for our sister site www.AlwaysForMe.com.

Advisory Board:

Juliette Passer:

Juliette M. Passer, is a U.S. attorney with International Project Development Group LLC in
New York.Juliette has over 12 years of broad international transactional experience, specializing in corporate and project finance, as well as the new media transactions and e-commerce.

She has worked on international transactions ranging from debt and equity investments into Central and Eastern European manufacturers by U.S. investment funds to $250 million debt restructuring of a U.S. telecommunications company and a $250 million petrochemical plant financing by a Finnish company, among numerous others.

During the last three years she has been working with the Internet-based companies on a broad range of projects, from financings to licensing and domain names disputes, as well as international business transactions and general corporate representation for new media companies. She also serves on the boards of directors of several new media/e-commerce companies.

She is fluent in Russian and has a working knowledge of Ukrainian. She writes and speaks widely on the issues of law and commerce in the emerging markets. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the Boards of Directors of the Council for Trade and Economic Cooperation and other companies. She maintains a wide range of contacts in Russian regions as well as in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. From 1990-1993 she was an adviser to the Committee of Economic Development of St. Petersburg for the development of free economic zones and participated as an US expert in drafting and commenting on the related legislation. From 1997 until January 1999 she was a US adviser to the Finance Committee of St. Petersburg.

Catherine Schuller:

Catherine is considered an industry leader and a pioneer in the plus-size field. She began as a full-figured model in 1981 and went on to join Ford Models in 1989. She shares a passion to serve all her fellow women of substance who are concerned about healthy living, beauty and style in all its diversity, and want to be inspired and personally empowered. Just my Size has just named her one of their Outstanding Women of the Year for 2001 and is featuring her in their "Beauty on the Move" eight month tour beginning in March 2001.

She is the former Fashion and Retail Editor for MODE magazine, the full-figured magazine . She travels the United States extensively each season, coordinating and commentating the fashion shows in department stores who feature women's departments and cater to the Mode readership. She is a featured speaker at model search conventions and helped launch the premiere event in April 1999 for New York Model Contracts newly formed Visions entity, devoted to plus-size model searches around the United States. As the inspirational keynote speaker for Visions, she has shared her modeling and life experiences to help motivate the participants. She teaches workshops ("Putting Your Best Look Forward") on image and presentation skills during the model search convention weekends. Catherine is currently hired by Talbot's to launch all 160 Woman's stores over the next four years in major cities across the United States. She will be conducting and commentating fashion workshops and shows and meeting all of the Talbot's customers face-to-face on her journeys.

Kitty Dickerson:

Professor and Department Chair,Department of Textile and Apparel Management
University of Missouri-Columbia. Specializes in textile, apparel, and retailing industries and the globalization of these sectors.In addition, she is an expert in international trade and the restructuring of the industry on a global basis.Her expertise expands into textile/apparel trade policy.

Dr.Dickerson is a memberof the Board of Directors, at the Kellwood Company, a Fortune-500 international manufacturer and marketer of apparel and camping softgoods products. Director since 1991.She is also a member of the Audit Committee. Other Current Boards include: International Textile and Apparel Association; - Bobbin Editorial Board; - Textile Institute Governing Council (ex-officio) - Advisory Board, Missouri Textile and Apparel Center (MO-TAC).

In addition she has presented more than 80 papers to scholarly, trade, and other professional groups, which have included:

- American Textile Manufacturers Institute Annual Meeting
- Australian Textile and Fashion Industries (includes shoes) annual meeting
- Interfashion Planning Co. (part of Daewoo Corporation), S. Korea
- International Textile and Apparel Association
- TradeMart Singapore
- Taiwan Textile Federation
- Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association
(and International Apparel Federation mid-year meeting)

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